Silvana Balbo EN

Silvana Balbo EN

“Croma has a unique value proposition. Combining solid and innovative research techniques for consumer understanding with a strong strategic vision, Croma is a company that deepens our knowledge of our business and helps us build a more systemic and comprehensive understanding, generating relevant and feasible insights to further improve Carrefour’s value delivery to customers and […]

Daniela Cachich EN

“People don´t relate to logos, they relate to stories told by brands. Croma knows how to uniquely lead a knowledge journey, combining consulting, research and team building to create the best design solutions for all our challenges: branding, portfolio, insights, communication and trade. The approach is always very strategic. Telling stories is much better when […]

Adriana Knackfuss EN

“Croma is a relevant partner for Coca-Cola Brazil in strategic projects that demand innovation and a deep understanding of the consumer’s journey. Without any doubt, Croma delivers strong and out of the box business solutions.”

Luciane Matiello EN

I have known Croma since its founding and I can say that the contribution of business solutions that they bring to the market is differentiated, since they can serve with excellence from a simple research study to a complex strategy, such as the creation of a Loyalty Program. In my opinion, they are more than […]