Our projects are modular and contemplate diagnosis, planning and execution. We believe in strategic thinking, promote innovation and encourage integrated and collaborative management.

Processes and resources are useful when they respect the culture of an organization. We start from behavioral analysis so only then we can train, create new methods of work and establish tools. Otherwise, good ideas risk to be put on the shelf, because the chronical repetition of patterns stifles innovation, transforming teams with high performance skills into routine operators.

We perform consulting and training programs in four different work fronts – people, brands, media and communication -, according to four action pillars: behavior, training, resources and processes. The combination of these elements guarantees focus on identifying opportunities, making plans and implementing initiatives.

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People are the key to any change, not technology. We identify cultural barriers and work on breaking down departmental silos, making the action among teams more systemic and organic. We also contribute to speed up joining and integration of teams in search for a more cohesive behavior.


Information is nothing without good qualification. We analyse skills, apply placement tests and define training plans to guide leadership development and multifunctional teams. We offer coaching to help during the process of making tough decisions and implementing necessary changes to the new management.


It’s key to define roles and responsibilities so the team can do their job in a simple and efficient way. If necessary, we adapt organization charts and review job descriptions and skills to make team work more fluid.


Consumers don’t think about platforms, but a lot of professionals still believe in splitting worlds as online and offline. We promote integrated marketing management, creating more horizontal processes, recognizing the consumer as the core of the whole strategy.


We perform detailed diagnosis, identifying possible variations and fragmentation of brands in different points of contact. We also defend that a brand must establish a consistent behavior with its values, attributes, territories and identity.


To highlight attributes that make each brand unique, we contribute do define elements that can reinforce the personality and the purpose of a brand in its relationship with people. For example, we make strategic framework production easier.


The sustainment of a brand depends on constant monitoring and reinforcements. We review systems, management tools and indicators, defining KPIs and new resources.


A brand must be consistent in all points of contact. Through KPIs revision, operational flows, partners and agency training, we perform assessment and brand awareness plans always with a multichannel and integrated view.


An efficient media strategy is built on consumer insights. To have an integrated and efficient media strategy we perform market reach studies, investment, competitive market analysis and performance indicators.


A competitive market is naturally diversified which increases the need in developing more accurate plans and at the same time pursuing innovation of formats and media. We train professionals who will be able to identify opportunities and competitive advantages.


Media management must have an objective strategy and always look for a better use of resources. When you adopt integrated plans, collaborative management models and management tools, teams and brands can have their investment really optimized.


Through the collaborative production of briefings and the annual media processes, we encourage teams to elaborate integrated plans resulting in greater efficiency. We simplify the development of corporate governance and follow-up models during the whole cycle of media and post-buy analysis.


We create communication engagement analysis by identifying how the brand has been talking to its diverse target publics. We consider the adequacy to the media and dedicate special attention to relationship gaps.


Digital and mobile are considered strategically. The goal is to make the brand take a qualitative step into interaction and social aspects. Managers are trained to promote more collaborative communication creating more possibilities for the brand-public interaction.


Engagement is the key measure for success. Narrowing down relationship between brands and people must be the way to guide people’s lives positively. We help defining engagement and resource calculations so we can migrate communication from monologue to advertising dialogue.


Due to the fast digital and mobile inclusion, it’s impossible to ignore the adequacy of new media to consumer behavior. It’s key to create processes and integrated tools, revisit communication briefings and make sure that the communication is always consistent and there.