Research and consulting firm for businesses innovation.

Since 2011, Croma has been offering consulting services, research and training programs in Brazil, Latin America and United States.

The consulting unit applies design thinking, neuroscience, semiotics, anthropology and statistical modeling to build unique branding projects, marketing plans, innovation, communication, retail and new business models.

In our analysis unit, we provide a full range of researches such as qualitative, quantitative, market, opinion, trends, consumer purchase journey using innovative techniques as behavioral and online communities.

In our training unit, we teach sales and service teams, hold team buildings, corporate events, lectures, trainings and workshops.

A sample of our clients: Via Varejo, Latam, Raízen, Mondeléz, Cielo, Pepsico, Netshoes, Coca-Cola, Natura, Whirlpool, GPA, Sanofi, FIAT, Petrobras, Mastercard, Camil, Claro, Carrefour, Britvic, Hershey’s, Philips, TIM, Icatu and Mitsubishi.


The information age has changed purchase and consumption behavior and has affected the relationship between brands and people. This is time for changes! Brands must guide and interfere positively in people’s lives. Advertising must be useful and entertain, making the transition from campaigns to relationships. But breaking patterns is not easy. To reinvent working models, we defend a systemic, impartial and integrated approach of marketing management, because consumers don’t think about platforms or departments.

Due to the buzz brought by digital age, it’s necessary to redefine roles, responsibilities, create new resources and processes. If digital impact has defined pretty much what we are, we believe that integration and simplicity can change organizations.

Our working methods are based in design thinking and systemic analysis associated to philosophy, knowledge management, statistics and impact from new technologies. We defend three essential pillars in our projects: people, CRM and digital interfaces.


In August 2011, Croma Marketing Solutions was born. Since the beginning, we chose to go beyond recommendations and help to make changes really happen. Shortly the first results came and we started working for great organizations and agencies.

We develop quick attainable projects which bring results in a short period. Our deliveries include elaborate actions, because we know that diagnosing and drawing up plans are not enough. Therefore, we work on making the execution possible, training teams and following the accomplishment of projects.


We have our own methodology and strong adherence to different objectives of the project. Our professionals understand the language of the companies and agencies because they have experience in both sides of the business.

We defend the isonomy during all the steps of our projects guaranteeing accuracy and impartiality. We are fast in proposing diagnosis and plans and we speed up the implementation of initiatives, because we make things easier. We use PMI best practices and SCRUM and LEAN methodologies to orchestrate the work among agencies, business partners and our clients.